I'm the originator of ICZNwiki. I'm also an ICZN Commissioner, a curator of malacology at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and the Vice-President for the Center of Systematic Biology and Evolution at my institution.

I decided to start ICZNwiki because I was getting frustrated with years of online discussion about the Code. The questions raised on ICZN-List, Taxacom, and Paleonet, have stimulated much better understanding of the Code and its strengths and shortcomings, but sometimes didn't seem to be leading anywhere.

As stated on the iczn-list on 29 October 2007, in an exchange about Article 32.5.1:

I hope that the incisive analysis, pedantic pondering and clueful questioning from the listservs can be harnessed toward building toward a better fifth edition of the Code.

Gary Rosenberg

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