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'''[:Chapter5:Chapter 5: Date of Publication]''' '''[[Chapter5|Chapter 5: Date of Publication]]'''
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[[Comments]] <<Comments>>

Chapter 5: Date of Publication

Article 22. Citation of date. When cited, the date of publication of a name follows the name of the author (see Article 51).

Recommendation 22A. Citation.

  • 22A.1. Citation of date. It is strongly recommended that the date of publication (and the authorship; see Article 50) of a name be cited at least once in a work which deals with a taxon. This is particularly important for homonyms and for species-group names not in their original combinations.

  • 22A.2. Method of citation. In citing the date of publication of a name, an author

    • 22A.2.1. should not interpose more than a comma between the name of the author and the date;

    • 22A.2.2. if the actual date of publication is different from the date specified in the work (imprint date), should cite the actual date of publication; except that

    • 22A.2.3. if wishing to cite both the actual and the imprint dates, should first cite the actual date (cited as above), followed by the imprint date for information and enclosed in parentheses or other brackets and quotation marks; for a different use of parentheses for the dates of family-group replacement names maintained under Article 40.2.1, see Recommendation 40A.

    • Examples. Ctenotus alacer Storr, 1970 ("1969"), or Ctenotus alacer Storr, 1970 ["1969"], or Ctenotus alacer Storr, 1970 (imprint 1969), or Ctenotus alacer Storr, 1970 (not 1969), was established in a work which, although published in 1970, carried an imprint date of 1969; Anomalopus truncatus (Peters, 1876 ["1877"]) was established in a different genus from Anomalopus in a work which, although published in 1876, carried an imprint date of 1877.

  • 22A.3. Date in a changed combination. When the original date of publication of a species-group name is cited with the name in a changed combination, the date should be enclosed within the same parentheses as the name of the original author [Art. 51.3].

  • Example. Limax ater Linnaeus, 1758 should be cited as Arion ater (Linnaeus, 1758) when the species is included in the genus Arion.

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FranciscoWelterSchultes   Recommendations: see also my comment under Art. 89.2 concerning the general removal of Recommendations. I would extend Art. 22 and delete the other thoughts expressed here. Some ideas might be moved to a new "Guide for the use of zoological names".
Insert that a comma "can" be inserted between author an date (I would prefer no comma because it contains no visible information for me).
I would also include an expressed statement that the year is the true date of publication as determined under the provisions of Art. 21, and that it is understood that the bibliographical or imprint years could be different. A year should not be set in square brackets in the form of Ctenotus alacer Storr, [1969].

Rec 22A.2.3 should in any case be removed, it is outdated and not usual practice in zoology, it would cause misunderstandings. Proceeding so would cause serious problems in informatics of biodiversity, for example in the process of interconnection of databases if this is done with the help of taxon name author strings.
It seems to me that many did not understand properly what was meant here, and the effect is that lepidopteran names are often cited with Hübner, [1823] or so. The square brackets are here used to indicate that 1823 was the true year, but not given as such in the original work. This procedure should be more expressedly addressed as not in accordance with the Code, in the Article itself.
2010-07-19 09:46:06
FranciscoWelterSchultes   Recommendation 22A.3 is confusing and should be deleted. Art. 51.3 makes the use of parentheses obligatory. A passage stating "the rules of the Code should be followed" is not needed in the Code's text.
2008-10-09 03:36:01

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